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I have some really bad experiences with dating software and I am struggling to collect the information I need on the Osdate Software. My questions are:· Does anybody know a decent reliable server which supports Osdate and which you can reach 24/7, video chat and audio chat included? but I'm looking for some people to get behind me and push me to bring this to a full componenet. Recoding all of os Dates tables into Joomla tables in DB, and writing some SQL i think will work with it. Currently only profile creation and viewing is enabled. Dear All, I am planning to set up a website based on the Osdate Dating Script.The top end dating scripts retail for a few hundred dollars, though there are some cheaper alternatives available too. Dating Site Builder is a dating application that promises that your website can created in just five minutes.I recently helped a client move an existing dating site from a custom ASP/MS-SQL system to an off the shelf PHP/mysql platform.(Max provided some design, system configuration and project management, and I focused on back end system setup and data migration.) Updated 4/2: We used Ska Date 7.5, versions 14. Skadate pluses: I think Ska Date is a good choice for a basic dating site; if you need just the features in the demo and you’re willing to spend some time unraveling the administration UI and you are on a tight budget.Note that we had a challenge not present for a typical Ska Date installation: migrating ~1100 user accounts (and mail messages) from one unknown system to another. Expect some bugs and frustrations, but hey, you only paid 0!

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I run Joomla as my main site and have just started working with Os Date and I think the two of them would work well together if I could get them to share data. The servers I have found myself up till now offer reasonable prices for basic services, but when I want the video chat and audio chat module included, the prices raise rapidly.· Are the video chat and audio chat modules included in the latest version of Osdate ( 2.5.4 if I am correct )· Who has experience with Osdate and can tell me if the security of the software is OK in reference to virusses and hackers.

Sure, it is difficult to compete with the marketing budgets of behemoths such as; however there is still a large market for unique dating websites that focus on something specific.

For example, in the UK there are always adverts for uniform dating websites.

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