Accommodating nature

Selected as one of the winning entries, the concept both creates a more fluid connection between the urban neighborhood and the surrounding water, and helps to minimize future environmental damage.It does this by re-purposing the concrete structures remaining from the dilapidated boardwalk, and creating pathways that will channel surge water to flow between the ocean and the bay.

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Throughout his other books, Frank has exhibited not only his talent for making images but also his remarkable talent for writing.

Lying 5km from Citrusdal, at the foothills of the Cederberg, Wolfkop is a 450ha reserve featuring privately-appointed cottages and a platter of outdoor activities.

There are four cottages, all private and blending neatly into the setting, and all four spilling panoramic views across the Oliphants River valley.

These concrete piers located among the dune will become the key element for stabilizing them as they will naturally protect the vegetation from the harsh wind and ocean allowing them to grow.

We would help reshape the dune in such a way as to manage surge water more effectively.