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Located in the heart of Telluride’s downtown this user-controllable web cam gives a live view of Telluride in HD quality.

It’s great for checking the current weather, snow conditions, traffic, and watching special events.

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This morning, keepers report increased discharge, continued lack of interest in food, full udders. Though the evening is not over, April's relaxed nature and lack of urgency has us guessing we will get through midnight before the calf joins us.

Whalen said the park also has received separate donations, but she said she didn't know how much.

Mountain High provides live images from four major areas including the top of the West Resort, base of the East Resort, Borderline, and the Playground jib park.

As in previous years, we are recording selected video and audio from several cameras, 24/7 for research purposes.An untagged pair took up residence again in early February 2017.One of our long-term research objectives is to determine whether the same pair tends to occupy the shed year after year or if occupancy changes, possibly resulting from some form of competition or due to disturbing the nest site by tagging adults and/or chicks.All observations, behavior, and predictions suggest a calf today, tonight - we would be shocked to get through the weekend without our newest addition. Like many of you, we spent the evening watching our April. Mammary development stays remains as filled udders, and will likely not get much Larger. of course, my schedule is crazy for the next few days so naturally, we will pick the worst time possible. In an effort to speed things along I am launching "Operation Taco Induction"... Since the privately owned zoo's giraffe cam began live-streaming video from April's enclosure last month, the feed has totaled more than 15 million views on You Tube as people around the world check on the status of April's 15-month pregnancy.The birth of April's fourth calf was still pending as of Thursday, when the live video had about 115,000 people looking in."Instead of local or regional we're global," said Cortney Whalen, a spokeswoman for zoo owner Jordan Patch.