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“Money is what we all need today,” Lovelyts Janet says, adding that with the current financial crunch, everybody must be creative enough to live.

In these trying times when many Filipinos lost their jobs, 27 jobs, Lovelyts Janet says her income remains stable.

Lovelyts Janet, who prefers to call herself “pre-op transgender” (the term they used to call members of the third sex who have not yet undergone sex transplant operation), is just one of the uncounted ‘underground’ workers in the country.She also claimed she had never done any nude modeling and AOL bought it and promoted her on their service.If there was any question how they looked in the's the answers with Well, for months and months we've been hearing rumors that Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolan had done a private at-home sex tape with her husband.Her work schedule depends upon her mood—if she wants to earn more, she has to start working at 3 a.m. She has the looks, feminine body and wits, but the only difference is that actually, she is “he.” Today’s technology allows anybody like her to explore the many opportunities in the cyberworld.When the right time strikes, she transforms herself to “Lovelyts Janet,” her account name, to service clients online for a fee.