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A work order form can also be printed as a paper-copy.

Reports can be generated on the work orders performed, upcoming and scheduled maintenance due, and employee’s timesheets.

Custom Control Concepts System Integration Lab ensures a smooth installation at the completion center and flawless operation of your IFE and CMS the moment you step aboard.

Before your In-Flight Entertainment and Cabin Management System is delivered we test it in our in-house Systems Integration Lab (SIL).

“Content Management” can be a problematic term: it’s something that everyone needs, and yet it seems to mean so many different things.

“We have users coming into the system from all over including researchers, engineers, and researchers wanting to build teams.

Incidents record who reported the incident, the conditions at the scene, police response, medical response, witnesses, property damage and notes from any staff member involved. Incidents are submitted for management review once completed.

Reports can be generated for overall incident statistics based on category and a date range, as well as specific information such as police response and property damage.

Content Management System (CMS)A CMS (also known as web content management system) stores content in a central interface and offers organization features, but they’re primarily used for publishing and developing content. In terms of actually managing content, CMS’s excels in managing the development of content meant to be published.

Written content, in particular, can be developed completely in a CMS.