Age trends in dating

Doing this little exercise will help you find the clues for who is and isn't your best type when it comes to finding the right man to share your life with.

There can be only one of each in your relationship. Take a look at all the men you've dated and been in relationships with along with why you were attracted to them and why you broke up in each case.This might include the ability to craft complex and bespoke phishing campaigns that will successfully fool even the most threat-conscious among us.Ransomware is a recognised problem for companies of all shapes and sizes.In absolute terms, the oldest households in 1984 had median net wealth 8,936 higher than that of the youngest households. Housing has been the main driver of these divergent wealth trends.Rising home equity has been the linchpin of the higher wealth of older households in 2009 compared with their counterparts in 1984.