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The pair later went on to join Murrieta Dance Project for two episodes, before later joining the ALDC teen dancers to form The Irreplaceables.

January: Chloe became an official spokesmodel for Reflex Activewear Apparel.

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During the first four seasons of Dance Moms, Chloe was known to be Maddie's main competition on the team.

She was often the "number two" girl and was mostly placed in the middle or occasionally the top of the pyramid.

“If a crowd loves something, they’ll disseminate it,” he says.Youtube stars AJ Rafael & Cathy Nguyen were featured in Inland Empire Weekly on their rise to fame and how their use of Youtube as a distribution medium has effected their lives. Nguyen has over 70,000 subscribers and more than a million channel views.It’s a great read on a subject I’ve been collecting my thoughts on about lately. In case you were too lazy to click over, you can find the article pasted after the jump. How untouched our lives would be if we’d never seen Filipino prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” or “David After the Dentist? They’re part of the new wave of You Tube celebrities; their fansites are all over the Web, they have audiences from all over the world who give them feedback and their songs are heard everywhere—from i Phones in Ontario Mills to shared PCs in Southeast Asia.Enjoy vicious HD Porn Videos with hot curvy models!AARON Rebecca / freshlie_002(at)ABBOTT Lauren / Abbott101(at)ABUYEN Severino "Sev" / Sev Abuyen4(at)AGBAY Mariah Gay / mariah_08beauty(at)AGUIRRE Nancy / nancyaguirre09(at)AHERN Beverly / BEVAHERN(at)AOL. Roberto / thesimpson17(at)ALVARADO-DUENAS Salvador / salvador725(at)ALVARENGA Deniss / ariessoccer10(at)AMADOR Adalberto / deafcraft(at)ANAYA Sr.