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They can function as screens onto which territorial and national demands are projected.

Myths can be created from both characters and events from history that are deemed memorable by a society. The second part of the GEI’s seminar for textbook authors took place in Tirana on 20 and 21 September.

The seminar was conceptualised and executed by Darko Stojanov and Petar Todorov from the Institute of National History and Kosta Giakoumis from the University…

It stands out both because of its age and its size.Skopje in Macedonia is the ideal host city for the conference; the Ohrid Agreement signed in 2001 introduced far-reaching rights for the Albanian ethnic group in Macedonia, who make up 25-30% of the total population. The last seminar on textbooks from Albania and other South-eastern European countries took place in Tirana, and attracted 30 participants from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.The seminar, which is part of a three-year long project, was organised by the Georg Eckert Institute and financed by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Between 21 and 23 November, for the first time in the course thus far of the GEI’s project on Albanian-language textbooks in south-eastern Europe, a joint Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin seminar took placein Gracanica, a town with a Serbian majority near Prishtina.6, 2006, in Montreal at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America."This is a case where a hunch about the potential of a site is paying off in the discovery of a temple that has extraordinary and singular importance to Albanian archaeology and to the history of Greek colonization in the Adriatic Sea region," says Jack L. Blegen Professor of Greek Archaeology at the University of Cincinnati and co-director of the international research team working at the site.