Alcoholic dating a drinker Wank buddy video chat

I've been trying to remind myself that he is still learning and growing, and I can't really compare him to older men I know — "faith for the man he'll become," right?I see a lot of potential and encouraging signs in him even if he does have a lot of growing up to do and a lot of sinful habits to overcome.As far as some of the sins he's been struggling with, one that concerns me the most is that he sometimes will go along with peer pressure too easily.Last year he was getting drunk when he was stressed or upset.I know some of the sins he struggles with, and I want to help him overcome them.

Though we’d met at a mutual friend’s party—at a bar, no less—we’d both been Internet-dating at the time.My self-esteem would drop a little lower with each blackout and yet I always found the antidote in another bottle of wine that started the vicious cycle all over again.The boost in confidence I got was fleeting and false but it was a confidence I didn’t have without alcohol.For years and years it wasn't an issue, but now it has become our main and only issue. She says she can't be with someone who drinks, and has issued ultamatums several times that i must stop or she will leave.She doesn't want me to go to events with my friends where there will be drinking.