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Pattie Chemo for recurrent cc was a cocktail of 5fu/leucovoran/xeloda plus either campostan (hair loss) or oxaliplatin (keep hair) My oncologist chose the latter. I had diarrhea and some nausea controlled by lomotil and compazine respectively. It grew back quite well while on oxaliplatin/5-FU 3 cycles last winter, and on oxaliplatin/Xeloda 6 cycles now. What works well for one may not be as good for another, and it may take some trying out of things to see what is best for you.

If I loose my hair, I will get a wig, one lady at the cancer center told me she hated the wig, it was itching her sculp and she was uncomfortable, she just wore a scarf on her head, in fact all the women at the center walked around bald, they had caps on but you could see the baldness. : DI don't know if oxaliplatin will cause you to lose your hair, it all depends on the person I think.Our goal is to help relieve any doubt concerning a potential spouse.We are here to help you get the facts and make wise decisions. You can have ease of mind knowing the person you are trusting is legitimate.The first reason why men from the whole world come to Kiev is to make sure in special beauty of local girls and maybe find a good wife with the help of one of numerous Kiev’s dating agencies.There is no secret that marriage is one of the aims of young Ukrainian girls.