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Also among them, group singers Big Mama and the amazing voice, K.

Will attended the wedding and performed songs for the happy couple.

"After being introduced to each other through a mutual acquaintance, they first kept in touch as a sunbae (senior) and a hoobae (junior), but soon started developing warm feelings for each other." With an eight year age difference, the newly partnered stars are not the only ones to make headlines recently.

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"It has been a month since they started going out," confirmed a rep for Alex to Koren media outlets.

Therefore, she decided not to have a press conference, nor the photo session for her guestlist. Now that I can understand her reason, though it’s still sucks for us, I wish her all the happiness in the world! Source: jazzholic Thing is, they were really sweet together on WGM!

I swear I expected all the original couples together; like, ALL of them.

She is also a member for Rainbow's sub-unit, Rainbow BLAXX.

Not only because they're so cute together, but i personally liked each of them since long ago. they could practice for a romance by join this show.