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I envy you because you’re going to go on an awesome journey. To explain it better I did this sketch and see the different parts of what happens when light comes into play…With light…you see the shape but also the value of shades, shadow and shape. Draw whatever you see but focus in simplifying it into shapes first. Then you will be able to sketch and paint to give things a story…And when you get good at sketcthing forms, add light source, painting using greyscale, you can begin to enjoy painting using colour.One of my passions is art, sketching and painting, which is all geared to my dating books from all kinds of subjects that covers all on dating. Now what I want you to do is only concentrate on step one and step two. You’d find it be easier because you know the fundamentals.Do that for a while, until you get the hang of it becuase if you skip, or move too fast to next then it impacts the result later in the future. You’ll start building up the ilustration…like this…The lesson you didn’t pick up will frustrate you a lot. The 1st day and night we were the only one's there!Phone lines were down and electricity cuts reported in some areas but there were no immediate reports of casualties or major damage.The quake hit shortly after 4.38am local time on Friday (5.30pm GMT) and was followed by four aftershocks, with the epicentre recorded off the coast of Makira island at a depth of 30 miles (48.7km).The Earthquake Track website intitially detected a strength of magnitude eight but the US Geological Society later revised the figure to 7.8.

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The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a warning for "h Officials said residents in affected areas should remain alert but that fluctuations of only 30cm above and below sea level were expected.

Total privacy and a pristine environment is only a few hours away.

We stayed in the 2 bedroom unit and it was cleaned everyday with flowers scattered through out.

If we had known before hand that this place was so absolutely gorgeous we would most definately haved stayed alot longer.