Angel armas and victor smalley dating

) revealing that Lucas' mom Brigette is guilty of tax evasion (??? "I just paid four years of back taxes, and I don't think that's very funny," Brigette says.One thing Brigette could never be guilty of, though, » - [email protected] Abby Lee Miller and the Pittsburgh Dance Moms and dancers before them, Victor Smalley, his pal and business partner Angel Armas, and their talented troupe of Stars Dance Studio dancers have become overnight TV superstars via their Lifetime reality show Dance Moms: Miami.However, Kendall departed from the team in The Runaway Mom after she was put on probation again.She then joined the Candy Apple's Dance Center team.As instructor Victor Smalley tells Zap2it, "I am here for the kids, not the moms," and this episode certainly helps prove why the mothers aren't winning him over.Sammy's mom, Abby, continues to be a target as her daughter continues to excel at her new studio, but Lucas' mom, Brigette, comes to the realization that maybe Abby's not as bad as she was made to believe."Debi completely manipulated the situation to get everyone to do her dirty work," Brigette tells Abby.

Here is a look back on the journey of one of the most exciting talents to emerge in the field of performing arts in the recent years.

Victor’s mother, Mayra Smalley, runs the studio and is challenged with corralling the moms.

Victor and Angel have a “list” where they rate the dancers’ performances, based on their own opinions, not how well they did in competition according to judges’ scores. An adorable Lucas Triana, is on the verge of tears when he’s told his cuteness will only get him so far, and ends up next to last on the list.

Abby thinks people are just jealous of her family’s wealth and talented children.

Perhaps, although Abby’s husband doesn’t seem to keen on spending on his “wealth” on his daughters’ dancing.