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Article 520 of the penal code of 1949, prohibits homosexual relations, i.e.

"carnal relations are against the order of nature", and provides for at least three-years imprisonment.

Germany is among the co‑hosts, along with the EU, UN and the United Kingdom, as well as Qatar, Kuwait and Norway.

Alongside gathering pledges of assistance, the conference pursued clear political objectives.

Understanding the Arab Culture Even though being Arabic and being Muslim are not one and the same, there is a great deal of overlap in their views on marriage and dating.

This was the clear signal that was sent by the London conference in 2016 where Germany had made the largest individual pledge of 2.3 billion euros.This commitment has now been stepped up in Brussels.In addition to the funds pledged last year, the Federal Government is setting aside a further 1.169 billion euros of additional aid. “However, we will not commit any funds to one thing for as long as there is no credible political transformation in Damascus – namely reconstruction”, emphasised Foreign Minister Gabriel.It is quite possible to find a matrimonial website that shows real commitment to the Arab’s member privacy and safety.This motivates a lot of singles who lack faith in online dating.