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We are excited to head to the UK and Europe next month for our first headline tour overseas and to begin writing new songs this summer. -Blake and Sierra Here is a special message from Devin…Four years and many memories later, it has finally come time for me to throw in my tour towel.”if Björk or Muse never existed we might be very different.” Aside from music, where do you take inspiration from? I'm very visual and what I see sparks ideas for words, topics and general moods that i want to touch up on.” There are too many bands around nowadays: discuss.”I could say I hate it, but then again we're just another young band working hard to make it and swear we have something different to offer.This was misconstrued to mean that she was already 17 and was turning 18, but she actually meant that she would be 17 in a week.Versa Emerge released their first EP with Kusterbeck on vocals, Perceptions, in May 2008.His last show with them will take place on May 7th.

Sierra Kusterbeck and Blake Harnage got called out for some praise this week by Britney Spears for their cover of her song, Toxic.Versa Emerge is headlining the Vultures Unite Tour this Fall.Currently on tour with We The Kings (okay, they have a couple of dates left) Versa Emerge have been making a lot of friends during their brief stint in the UK. We caught up with Kusterbeck to talk inspiration, family and staying in the spotlight.If you plan on coming out to see us on the remaining dates of the Alternative Press tour please say hello to Devin and give him a fond farewell.Versa Emerge will continue on and as strong as ever.