Are emily browning and max irons still dating

LOS ANGELES—Emily Browning has no regrets that she declined an audition for the Bella Swan lead role in “Twilight.” Author Stephenie Meyer had written in her blog before casting for the movie began, “Right now, my favorite choice is Emily Browning of ‘Lemony Snicket’s’ fame. “I definitely don’t think I would have been ready at that time to handle that crazy attention,” said Emily, star of such films as the current “Pompeii,” “Sucker Punch” and “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events,” on a recent afternoon.

” Presumably on the recommendation of Meyer, Emily was asked to try out for the role that we all know eventually went to Kristen Stewart.

WELL welcome to the weekend and welcome to some new hot dudes for you to obsess over. It’s not at all because we create posts like this one and used to talk about Robert Pattinson a lot, right??

First let me introduce you to: What you might know him from: the atrocious yet hilarious (not in a good way) Red Riding Hood or being Jeremy Irons’ son. What you might know him from: The Lovely Bones (with Saorise! Ok, now that we’ve reconciled ourselves with this let’s move forward… The internets tell me Jake Abel is on the Twitters wherein he tweets a lot about: The Host, his Percy Jackson pals, his “art” and his lady love.

Max Irons walks into a West London café dressed in a slim black overcoat, smelling slightly of tobacco. He talks about his dyslexia, which was so bad he couldn’t write his name at eight; his expulsion from boarding school for getting caught (‘weird’, but it’s one of Max’s favourite films); and the family’s controversial holiday castle in Kilcoe, Ireland, the colour of which has become an obsession of the tabloid press.

You can tell he’s a bit of a rebel as he is brazenly drinking from a carton of Ribena. ‘Listen: pink was the undercoat, it’s now a nice rusty orange,’he says.

We were invited to release one of these photos and now, 24 hours later, we are

Continue reading I think a lot of the Twilight sites have put together lists like this, so I thought it would be a good idea to make our own list for the cast and crew of The Host.

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And if his CV is still looking a little sparse given the hype that surrounds him, Max ought to put that right with his latest projects.“If that had been me, I might not even be acting anymore because just thinking about the way they were constantly hounded by people after that film makes me feel anxious. I’m pretty happy with the choices and decisions that I’ve made.I don’t really have any regrets in that sense.” Emily was quoted in another interview, “Kristen is just perfect for that role.” She has found a niche in indie films, save for the occasional mainstream commercial movies like “Pompeii.” Her other recent credits include “Plush,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Summer in February” and “Magic Magic.” “I had a film in Sundance called ‘God Help the Girl’ which is a musical written and directed by Stuart Murdoch who is the lead singer of the band Belle and Sebastian,” she volunteered. It’s about a group of young kids who form a band in Glasgow.The purchase of this DVD or Blu-ray disc comes with rights to access a complimentary digital version from the production company.To access the digital copy, redeem the code included in your product packaging before the expiration date.

Are emily browning and max irons still dating