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(Note - remember that the role of Enterprise was important for the preparation and mock staging for a west coast launch).Discovery's silhouette orbiter over the "North Pole" expresses some ambiguity of its orientation in space, and is accompanied with the red flight path to signify the polar orbit launch.Intricately patterned, they’ve been found laid in the sidewalks, in the middle of highways, and on highway on and off ramps.The tiles, about the size of a license plate, and their disturbing messages have proven to have a powerful allure, with several theories developed about their origin and meaning.From a period spanning 2001 through 2007, the tiles design changed and became less colorful and “simpler”, typically with no other message other than the “resurrection” plea. Toynbee wrote extensively on numerous subjects, but was most interested in the philosophies of culture and history, and particularly questions surrounding the success and failure of individual human civilizations.After 2007, the tiles returned to their original “look and feel” and complex structure. The phrase “movie 2001” almost certainly refers to Stanley Kubrick’s classic , written by sci-fi guru Arthur C. In the movie, Kubrick and Clarke crafted a dense, ambiguous and metaphor-laden screenplay that gave rise to a host of interpretations.The tiles all bare the following mysterious message (or some minor variant thereof): TOYNBEE IDEA IN MOVi E `2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER.

So, whether you are interested into music, painting, photography, modeling, dance, writing, or whatever...there is either a site specifically for you, or there is a section for you within a site focused on creative people.This friendship / dating site is meant for people involved in:-Visual Arts - painting, drawing, sculpture, glass, digital, animation, etc.Heres the ideal place to search for that special someone who will not only understand you, but will also fuel your imagination with their own creative spark."Artist Passions Artist Passions is a free dating site for artistic singles.Although the story did not specifically mention the mysterious tiles, the premise of the story bears a striking similarity to the message on the enigmatic tiles. EXECUTIVES TOLD JOHN KNIGHT THE WHOLE COVEN GLOATED ON HOW THEIR SOVIET PALS HAD FOUND A WAY TO TURN IT INTO A…..Prior to 2001, the tiles were intricately patterned, colorful, and often contain ancillary (but still cryptic) messages. The enigmatic messages and their bizarre, sometimes seemingly impossible placement, make the true meaning of the tiles elusive but we can at least decipher some of their gist. Toynbee, a 20th century British historian and philosopher.