Atlanta dating interracial pre dating charlotte nc

He made the first move, and I couldn’t have been more interested and flattered by his sweetness. They did ask questions about his real name and his origin, but they weren’t surprised or against it. AZ: How do you think interracial couples are looked upon here in the south and do you see very many of them?AZ: Do you have a racial preference when it comes to dating? AG: In the South, it’s very looked down upon to be in an interracial relationship.She’s a junior now and hopes to one day open her own stores, all of them carrying her successful clothing line, of course. It doesn’t matter how good looking or how rich they are, as long as they have respect and a charming attitude. AZ: What was it like being an interracial couple and how does it compare to dating someone of your own race?

Recently, I was on a date with a very successful Atlanta lawyer.

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Ashton Grant is one of the long-haired, pretty faces that you’ll see walking around the fashion department.

We went out for a drink, and half way through the date the subject of the “types” of people we were attracted to came up.

I was honest and said that I don’t really have a specific type and that I’ve dated very physically different men.