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With a microprocessor base, SIM cards are similar to a mini-computer with its own operating system, storage and built-in security features.

When configured with up-to-date cryptography, as recommended by NIST, BSI, ANSSI, etc., SIM cards provide a level of security that is state-of-the-art.

The SIM card can add, delete and manipulate information within its memory, on top of sending and receiving data.

A SIM card can be replaced by users and slides easily into a slot within your phone or mobile device.

To this extent we offer a range of recommended packing specs to ensure you get maximum return on your logistics costs.

The crate is also protected with a non-porous, protective-stretch polyethylene covering for security and waterproofing Lighter: lower freight costs and easier to handle during warehousing.

Eco-friendly: easier to dispose of or recyclable after use allowing you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Angela Bononi in the Carbone Lab, UH Cancer Center.

The findings of a team led by the UH Cancer Center’s Director of Thoracic Oncology Michele Carbone, who is also a professor at the John A.