Baby boomer online dating statistics

According to economist David Foot of the University of Toronto, the level of a woman's education is the most important factor in determining whether she will reproduce: the higher her level of education, the less likely she is to bear children.

(Or if she does, the fewer children she is likely to have.) Overall, researchers have observed childless couples to be more educated, and it is perhaps because of this that they are more likely to be employed in professional and management occupations, more likely for both spouses to earn relatively high incomes, and to live in urban areas.

Cruising is one of the best bargains around and boomers know it. On recent cruises people are talking about their cruise to South America and saying you really should do it while it is a new destination.

Recommended: 15 day Hawaiian cruise from LA, Baltic Sea curise from Copenhagen, Denmark, and of coarse the best cruise you will ever take, the cruise to Alaska. I met recently with AARP Travel and they have some of the best discounts on top cruise lines.

This site has lots of valuable information for people who want to “reboot” their life and start fresh.

It also has stories of people who’ve done this very thing who came from all different backgrounds.

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Here are our recommendations for Cruises, tours and vacations for boomers.

Holland America Line – One of our favorite cruise lines. Princess Cruises – A little younger crowd than Holland America. Eupore’s Rhine, Main, Danube and Russia are favorites. Cruise ship can be the destination – Travel isn’t always about the destination.

Known for it’s older passengers and comfortable atmosphere. Sometimes, getting there is more than half the fun.

, which is likely the case since we gal boomers have more than a few (good) years under our collective belts. Although from 2007, statistics showed that in our age group, there were 92 men for every 100 women for those of us aged 55 through 64.

Congratulations on realizing you’re not going to “just meet someone” without effort on your part—and your future partner’s. Additionally, the odds for us boomer gals aren’t bad.