Backdating option scandal

It is believed that it was only after this meeting that the PSMAS board met and reversed its earlier decision to slash salaries of PSMAS executives.In its last meeting held at PSMAS House last week, the board had resolved to slash Dr Dube’s salary from US0 000 per month to about US 000- a figure that was still way above any other CEO of a Government parastatal.

This is often the case with early (2011 to early 2014) Euro 5 diesel vehicles which commonly experience DPF issues.As at December 31, the society owed service providers US million in unpaid bills for medical services rendered to its members.In a statement released yesterday evening, PSMAS board secretary Mr Cosmos Mukwesha said the vice chairperson Mr Newton Mhlanga was appointed acting chairperson.“At its sitting of the 27th day of January 2014, the Premier Service Medical Aid Society board of directors resolved to relieve the current board chairperson, Mrs M M Namasasu, of her duties as chairperson, forthwith.And no reporters or TV cameras showed up Thursday at the vigil outside Hemsley's house.I have a client who has never exceeded the VAT registration threshold but now wants to backdate a voluntary registration (on the flat rate scheme) to the date he started trading (just under the 4 year limit).