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Suddenly the world has become too small, you want to scream, you want to ask why, you want him so badly!

Only after you find what an incredible loving person you are!

LET ME IN THE SECRET NOW Are you spending your days walking and having debates in your mind? He does what he always does and does not want to hear you?

Do you still believe you can make him stop and really hear you?

Let’s see more on who is the lucky lady this time and how serious are his intentions on staying in her life.

The brewing rumors first broke out when she posted a photo of her with a man and another friend, which apparently debunked the speculated romance between her and the "Beneath the Blue" actor.Worse than that .has always taken a long time to get back to living my life. Sometimes it took years of going back to the break up point pondering forever trying to find what I had done wrong?! Moreover, Dobrev doesn't usually sugarcoat things when it comes to her life so if there's someone making her smile brighter; she would not hide it from her fans.has also been taking a portion of these dating reports thrown against Dobrev.