Ben moody and amy lee dating

"But I realized, as I was listening to it three weeks ago, that it's not about her at all.

It's talking to myself, calling out my own bullshit." Moody has not spoken to Lee since he left the band, but he says that his door is open. I think she's great," says Moody, who was romantically involved with Lee in high school, long before Evanescence took off.

On 8th of January 2007, Amy got engaged to Josh Hartzler.

But she conformed this engaged the following day at the live broadcast of Much Music's. That year, she co-founded the rock band Evanescence.

Singer, songwriter and composer, Amy Lee is renowned in the world for being the co founder of the rock band Evanescence where she also serves as the lead vocalist. She is also famous for her soundtrack album, Aftermath.

Amy who is known for her powerful Mezzo-Soprano vocals was born as Amy Lynn Lee in Riverside, California, United States of America to John Lee and Sara Cargill. In 2003, Amy had serious romantic love affairs with Shaun Morgan. They dated each other for about two years and they broke up in 2005.

After that, she was in a relationship with singer Shaun Morgan from 2003 to 2005.

She has a brother named Robby and two sisters, Carrie and Lori.Moody left the band citing creative differences on October 22, 2003.After that, ex-Cold guitarist Terry Balsamo replaced Moody in the band as a guitarist and Lee’s writing partner.Josh Hartzler is a therapist and they were close friends for long time. American singer and songwriter Ben Moody acted as the guitarist of this band.Within few period of time, they began playing in several places like the book stores and coffee houses.

Ben moody and amy lee dating