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But executive producer Nicola Lloyd says there are no signs of it ending soon.She said: “It’s not hard to find people for our show. “People buy into First Dates as a match-making service – more than online dating things like Tinder.” Nicola insisted she genuinely wanted couples to hook up and didn’t put people together just to make good telly.She said: “I didn’t know if audiences would come to a programme about an affair.“I thought it might be a niche programme.But I can see now that it is a fascinating programme.“It was a slowburner but by episode three I had people stopping me in the street and I was being told it was trending on Twitter.”———————————————————————————— The show is more popular than sex in some households.Do not forget our special offers for families and friends! Ticket valid for one day at Terra Mitica Plus, one day at Aqualandia and another at Mundomar.Terra Mitica: ticket valid for visit Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and The Islands.The most common, sensible decision for a rendezvous is a coffee shop.Informal, relaxed, an easy escape route and fueled by caffeine it’s less unlikely that words will escape us.

We’ve resorted to ignoring all the intriguing personality quirks that make someone attractive with a simple swipe to the left or with the decisive click of a button, forever banishing them to the depths of the online dating trash bin. Once our most tanned and flattering photos from Benidorm 1994 have successfully run the gauntlet of rejection, we can find ourselves faced with the intriguing prospect of meeting the man or woman of our dreams.

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She said the Red Cross had prepared for an all-night effort and 50 volunteers had been brought in to help with evacuations.

The first aircraft arrived at the scene on Monday morning and it is expected that at least 16 helicopters and seaplanes will be brought in tackle the fires which continue to burn.