Best rod for casting

Cermele and I took several casts to see how they loaded up and how far they slung a given weight.

Components We thoroughly examined cork grade, reel seats, and guide frames and inserts; then we scored each rod for the quality of its hardware.

You might end up spending much money on something you may never use.

A good rod, however, may not make one a good angler, but a poor rod can be a limiting factor for any angler.

Selecting a good baitcasting rod can be a bewildering experience for an angler who wants the most for their money.

With numerous array of good fishing rods available to anglers today, finding a good rod that suits one’s preferences is not that easy.

Though it’s made of graphite, the rod has the flexibility of fiberglass, and that deep bend helped it outcast every other model in the test.To really appreciate how many fishing rods hit the shelves this year, you’d just need to look at my garage after I called in 53—yup, 53! With so many new and different models, fishing editor Joe Cermele and I first organized them into five categories, based on which species each is best suited to catch: bass, catfish, muskie, panfish or trout, and walleye.Then we spent a few long days on and off the water, testing their casting ability, sensitivity, and overall feel and quality.Ultra-light or light are good for catching small fish, and medium-heavy or heavy ones are good for larger fish.Action – this is exhibited by its performance when casting and reeling in a fish.