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Rather than fear him though, it’s time to rise up and remember we have the authority to overcome.It’s definitely the right place, and Evans is the right man; he’s a salesman who’ll strip to his tighty-whities to sell underwear, who has no problem turning away Yasmin Le Bon when Duran Duran play (‘Sorry luv, you’re not on the list’).Evans lets them rehearse every night, all night, whenever they can, and the band pick up.Glenister pulls off the unreconstructed Hunt with aplomb but likeable though she is, the breathless Hawes still doesn’t make a convincing match for him.And while the knowing nods to the era, including the synth-heavy soundtrack, stonewashed denim and Hunt’s bright red Audi Quattro raise a smile, they aren’t quite enough to make you overlook the script’s shortcomings.