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ADNUT is mostly PHP with a simple layer coded in C to restart the named/Bind service in the background.I had to use a few lines of C to make it secure, but installation is simple if you follow the instructions.I have been building a lot of DNS applications lately and found a great need for a new PHP simple dynamic DNS update application.My solution was ADNUT or the Automatic Domain Name Update Tool.It can be fixed by deleting all instances (about 15) of the Perl regex pattern '. I do this on any system that I install with a command like: If one just types "nsupdate" one arrives in a basic command-line environment for sending "update" commands to DNS, but there are two options that you probably want to use when you invoke nsupdate.

The second option "-k" is to specify where the encryption key files are to be found.

In case you use public addresses, you want your DNS to forward that information to public DNS servers.

To configure this, just delete the line notify no;.

If you start out simple, you can build something into anything you desire. It started out as a Proof of Concept and later was developed into a fully functional PHP dynamic domain name update tool for Bind, Bind9 and/or Named.

Here is how to implement ADNUT on a Bind9 DNS server.