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His second fiction feature is sold worldwide by Film Factory, one of the biggest sales agents in the Spanish-speaking world, in a two-pic deal with Jirafa.“The Blind Christ” also world premieres in competition at this year’s Venice Festival, which runs Aug. Shifting the setting from “Manuel de Ribera’s” Chilean archipelago to the dirt-poor desert of Chile’s North, “The Blind Christ” begins with a villager, Michael who, believing he is a Christ, sets out on a barefoot pilgrimage across the desert to perform his first miracle, curing a dying friend.“The voyage will traverse the desperation of a society in need of faith,” the film’s production notes read.“It’s a surprising debut, influenced by Pasolini but with a marvellous expressive strength of its own,” Barbera told Screen Daily.Barbara added: “Murray’s talent for image composition is striking and the film’s narrative quality is one like we’ve never seen.He is an auteur and everyone will see it.” [Scroll down to continue reading.] Developed at Cannes’ Cinefondation, the Torino Film Lab and Rotterdam’s Cinemart and produced by Jirafa’s Augusto Matte and Thierry Lenouvel at Cine Sud Promotion, “The Blind Christ” also offers a way into the social realities of Chile’s North, Murray himself argues.

Bill (Kroll, Adult Beginners, Date Night) has always lived in the shadow of his overachieving brother Robbie (Scott,“Parks & Recreation”, The Overnight, Step Brothers), an arrogant athlete and local celebrity who happens to be blind.It takes one person to make a difference—just think of what thousands can do. Lists dates, contact information and links to sponsoring organizations, when available. So not only is this list extremely incomplete, but it also has lots of false info.Here is to a prosperous, giving and life changing 2016! Like Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd not April 1rst.Film was founded in 1993 and has been on-line since 1997.Every item we sell is an authentic original, and everything listed on our site is in stock and available for immediate sale.