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You can configure this Widget in the Word Press Appearance Widgets Sub Panel as follows: Before using the Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds make sure, that you have entered the right RSS Addresses to your links in the Links Subpanel. When you do not enter a RSS Address to a link, it will not be displayed in the Widget. Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds requires Word Press Version 2.8 or higher Available Languages KB Advanced RSS Widget: Gives user complete control over how feeds are displayed, this is the total solutions for replacing you default RSS Feed widgets for you Word Press Blogs. it’s because default RSS Feed by Word Press is not enough, there are some limit on the default featured.

Alternative to the Word Press Appearance Widgets Sub Panel you can add and configure the Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds directly in your theme file (e.g. But […] Make every your posting or pages to your facebook account automatically with add links plugin.

I was very confused as to why one user’s machine wasn’t getting group policy updates.

Since it was a new machine, that meant no group policy, period. Looking through the event log, I saw two errors, 10, relating to group policy.

In my previous article, we looked at the creation of a simple RSS feed using the Informa API.

In this article, we are going to refine the earlier solution and look at some other aspects of the Informa API and the RSS specification, and take a brief look at the OPML format.

After trying a few things, including flushing DNS, I found that the TCP/IP Net BIOS Helper Service was disabled.

Enabling it and running GPupdate solved my problem.

With the RSS 0.91 specification, three update-related elements were added: that no feed will be generated on Saturday or Sunday. Well, RSS gives us another way to specify this kind of information in the form of an external module.I know – nobody reads blogrolls anymore, but I needed something mindnumbingly trivial to do for a few minutes.So, I had Blogbridge spit out an OPML file of my subscriptions, and I’m updating my various linkositories (Bloglines, Links) with the updated goods. Ok, This Word Press Widget will be allows you to display the recent of your posts in your blogroll links via RSS Feeds as a sidebar widget as usually.Yes, this Plugin works without Javascript program and without AJAX script. It uses the Word Press standard links database and visible by target settings as defined for each link (private links are not shown on your, links are displayed in the same or in a new window as specified like another).