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Tucker Center.“He scored 1,000 points as a sophomore, so that means he knows what he’s doing on the court,” Hamilton said of Bacon’s response.

“As great as a player as I was, I had a few [bad games] — haha.”Shortly after the first media time out of the second half, Bacon flashed a bright smile as the crowd in attendance collectively cheered to commemorate the moment.

Shortly after, former WSOP Main Event champion and living poker legend Scotty Nguyen joined the table.

Nguyen filled a seat that became vacant thanks to Sura busting its original occupant.

The victory also marked the 300th for Leonard Hamilton at Florida State and the 500th of his career despite NCAA docking him for 22 wins from the 2006-07 season for a rules violation.“It’s part of what the job is,” Hamilton said. I’m one of the most blessed guys on the planet.”Bacon, needing only 11 points to surpass 1,000-point mark, began the second half with a 3-pointer near the top of the key to become the second sophomore in school history to achieve the feat.

The other, Bob Sura, who played at FSU from 1992-95, has his jersey hanging in the rafters of the Donald L.

Sura opened two consecutive hands during the first orbit of play.

The first won him the blinds and antes but during the second he ran into some opposition.

“It's good to be in Day 3 with a bit of chips,” said Sura.I don't want the skin, I don't have any intention of ever playing Standard, and I'd have to craft a ton of cards to have any chance of winning 10 Standard games in a reasonable amount of time. Still not interested in spending an hour accomplishing nothing other than unlocking a quest slot. If it'll go away in a month, I'll just wait a month instead. They’ve got David Robinson, Dave Bing, David Thompson, Dave De Busschere, and Dave Cowens.If we take them relative to their perspective time periods, then yes, it’s really a great group.