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A few months later, it was Nicole’s mother — happily married for upward of 30 years — whose curiosity about the online dating scene sent her to the computer.

(Nicole gave the go-ahead to log into her account.) There, Nicole’s mom filtered through profiles and messages and cast a search for “tall, dark and handsome.” It was an adventure, and at the end of it, she presented her daughter with her top five, demanding she give them each a chance. 3, Bryan Castro, now 30, for coffee on a Sunday evening, but as the hour approached, she soured on the idea.

Architect Drew took issue to Laurence's frequent condescension, snapping after the Englishman said he was going to 'pull rank' and insist his opinion was wrong.

After bickering back and forth over the effectiveness of Kate and Harry's statement timber dining room wall, the pair's differing tastes came to a head in the bathroom.

less The head table at Nicole Mendez and Bryan Castro’s wedding reception, featuring centerpieces by Nancy Liu Chin Designs, and Alfajor wedding favors (an Argentine treat in honor of the bride’s heritage) by ...

more In 2012, after completing a master’s of business abroad, Nicole Mendez returned from London and Shanghai and moved in with her parents in Los Altos.

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Laurence sauntered over to the judge and wrapped his arm around him, adopting a condescending certainty.'Right.

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