C objectdatasource onupdating

The Object Data Source control enables developers to associate data or business layer classes with the ASP. I covered some aspects of the Object Data Source control in "Cache In Using the Object Data Source Control" specifically, the object instantiation and data caching.Methods of such classes can be designated as methods for data-bound controls to execute common operations, such as select, delete, update, and insert.It allows the user to select course/categories the item should be displayed in.I need to get a reference to this control so that I can update a different database table after the main item has been updated. The List View control supports the data editing, insertion, deleting, paging and sorting semantics of higher-level controls like the Grid View.But - unlike the Grid View - it provides you with over the html markup generated.

One of the parameters to this handler is of type Object Data Source Status Event Args.

I have easily solved the problem by just hardcoding the Details View name into it but I thought there may be some property kind of like . Naming Container that I could cast to so the code isn't so brittle. Anyway as long there is a reference to an object you can access its properties : from the usercontrol you can access the controls it contains and from the webcontrol you can access the parent (page or user control).

Considering the example you provided, I don't think there is anything you can replace for Something_Here. Also one Data Source can be linked to several Data Bound Controls.

A slogan I usually apply to the Object Data Source control is, either easy or nothing.

The Object Data Source control wraps a good deal of internal tasks, and its overall performance is slightly worse than classic binding.