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While the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect devices remained fully functional, their remote control and remote alerts were unavailable for approximately four hours, says the company.Nest Cam (and Dropcam) live streaming was also unavailable.

This single image can then be viewed with optional VR goggles or on 360 platforms, such as You Tube 360, where you can move around the image in all directions.

In 20, a female osprey with a metal band around her leg was seen.

We reported the band number to the United States Geological Survey Bird Banding Program and received the band report.

Minutes later he texted me, “The drop has been made."Though it seemed like he hacked my camera, the video feed outage wasn’t funny then, nor hours later when another Dropcam—the one in the nursery—was still down.

I closed and reopened the Nest i Phone app, rebooted my phone, and even switched to the i Pad to see if the video was viewable there. Soon after, I discovered dozens of other Nest customers complaining on Twitter—it seemed that all of our Dropcams were down.