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app is described as the world’s first global social network of cannabis enthusiasts.Users share their interests (left) and energy levels when using cannabis (right) as part of their profile The app quickly became popular in New York, California and Colorado, with 41,000 downloads in the first six weeks and it’s expected to a hit in the Netherlands, Spain, England and Australia, Forbes reported. first launched two months ago, it could only be downloaded by users in the US who live in states that have legalised cannabis (a joint is pictured) but a global version was rolled out yesterday'Due in part to their small body size, dogs and cats can take advantage of small amounts of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids found in hemp and can therefore reap the benefits of this great plant,' the firm said.'We are not interested in, nor are we advocating the administration of, the well-known psychotropic compound THC, in concentrations sufficient to produce the 'high' or psychotropic effects which are normally associated with marijuana. blog, he said: ‘This news was a surprise, but the allowance was made because we are a responsible social network and because we focus on building connections rather than just showing off your weed.’ He’s a former Chief Revenue Officer of hash oil maker, VAPE and says that 12 million people use some form of the drug, meaning that there is a real opportunity to connect users on a social network.However, Conservative politicians have joined forces with the Canadian Medical Association to propose it be set at 21.

“There is a need in the cannabis industry for a number of things,” Mitchem said.

But there will likely be a debate on the age at which it will be legal to buy cannabis.

Mr Trudeau has previously said he favours the law being set to allow the drug to be used legally from the age of 18.

Aside from the yearly event, MIB also hold mini-scavenger hunts throughout the year, and they're also responsible for the marijuana trampoline dodgeball league. Every single year, Toronto plays host to the Global Marijuana March, a peaceful demonstration that regularly totals over 20,000 attendees.

Global marijuana marches are held all around the world, and Toronto's is estimated as the largest, giving the city some serious international cred.