Capricorn dating sagittarius man

Once they overcome their initial reluctance to the relationship, this pair will realize that they have a lot to offer one another.

Their personalities, different in so many ways, make theirs a highly complementary relationship.

The former is full of energy, drive and eager to experiment with new experiences whereas the latter is cautious, sober and is mainly led by utilitarian concerns in life.

These personality differences can be directly related to the signs being ruled by separate elements.

But then love has been known to find a way and if the Archer and Goat can agree to make their differences complement each other, the relationship has a fair chance of success.

The primary source of difference between the Sagittarius and Capricorn lies in their individual personal traits.

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He will find her goals matching to his own and she will appear to him gentle, docile and feminine.Sagittarius in Love is experimental and freedom-loving.Capricorns like to get to know you in familiar places, often work or school related.Usually this combination consists of personalities belonging to different class/ age/cultures.• Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner • John Kennedy, Jr.