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But back in the '90s and '00s, things weren't so easy.But the world of celebrity dating is very up and down. Do you feel secured and protected when he is around you? Inner beauty will stay with you for life whereas your outer appearance will fade away with time. "Among the gold mines of the inland plains between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers there is a fortress built of stones of marvelous size, and there appears to be no mortar joining them...." --Vicente Pegado, 1531 Ten fictional bears from the worlds of literature, screen and more, all described by a haiku poem, a Japanese form of poetry of three lines comprising five, seven and five syllables.Slight UK bias on a couple of questions, otherwise a world-wide mixture This is the second part of my "Name the Common Actor/Actress" quiz.

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These days, it's easy to follow celebrity couples on social media and keep track of their every move.Xenophon was a soldier of fortune, biographer, historian and philosopher, whose life encompassed a time of turmoil in the ancient Greek world.Test your knowledge of this remarkable man's life and times.If you don't like the one you were given then try again. There are only a few days before cheesy cards and boxed chocolates start raining down upon you, so there's no better time to line yourself up a Valentine's Day date. Whether you guys end up cuddling courtside at a basketball game or have a romantic dinner for two, spending Feb. Who wouldn't want to spend a Valentine's Day getting drunk in love with Beyoncé?