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Parents night in/out #nobabysitterneeded.' Katie gave birth to baby daughter Belle Elizabeth in March this year.Her due date was Thursday, March 27, 2014 - the date of the six-year anniversary of when she was raped by her ex-boyfriend Danny Lynch Writing in the Daily Mail after the attack, she said: 'When the large cupful of acid hit my smooth, soft, line-free skin, trickling down my throat and partially blinding me, he almost succeeded in extinguishing the last of the old Katie. This is one of the few undisputed facts of pop culture.No matter how famous Joss Whedon has now become as Marvel Studios' unofficial overlord, his true calling card will probably always be the story of a tiny blonde girl who saved the world a lot. Britney Spears was originally in line to play dream girl robot April in the season five episode 'I Was Made To Love You', but scheduling conflicts forced her to drop out and actress Shonda Farr took the role instead.2.Buffy's death was foreshadowed two full seasons in advance.In the season three finale 'Graduation Day', Buffy and Faith share a coma dream in which Faith cryptically says: "Little Miss Muffet, counting down to 730".At this time, Buffy had two years (730 days) left to live.The line also foreshadows the arrival of Dawn, who is likened to Little Miss Muffet a few times throughout season five.4.

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I’m thinking about this today because of publicity from a story in Plus Model magazine about the difference in size between mainstream models and plus-size models.I’m going to mention three examples of women I’ve known.When I was a senior in high school, a very attractive girl in my graduating class suddenly started losing weight.Tanner Gray is shocked to learn after the death of his ex-wife Andrea that he has a 25 year-old daughter, Cyd.He and his wife had met on a cruise over 25 years ago where they both worked ...