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Ever wished you could take a vacation from real life to a place where you are always beautiful, young, rich, successful and having a great time?

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You can meet people and make friends through IM text chats, webcam or voice chat, have sex with other avatars, smoke virtual marijuana, party and explore Utherverse's red light district, hold your dream wedding, decorate your dream home or even get a virtual job – whatever you want to do or be, you can.Lose your inhibitions online"It's your ability to live out your fantasy.We allow users to do anything they could do in real life with their bodies," Utherverse's CEO and founder Brian Shuster told IBTimes UK."We decided that in the virtual world, everything should be as consequence-free as possible, so we programmed a button in that you could press to get rid of the hangover from smoking pot, when you're tired of the effect."Shuster is well known on the web as the "Prince of Pop-Ups" – he helped to monetise the internet in the 1990s by inventing banner and pop-up ads.If you are not emotionally and psychologically prepared to show your goods to the world, don’t send pictures of your goods to anyone. The only fool-proof way to prevent pictures of your ass from being pasted all over the internet is to not send pictures of your ass to anyone.2. Playing off of number 3, maybe it is a realm where fantasies can be played out together while still keeping them in the realm of fantasy.Sexually explicit text messages, videos, or photos could be considered sexual harassment. Get consent before you start in about how badly you want to get down with someone.3. Maybe the realm of erotica is a great way to test the waters.