Chat sex requests

Other reports include the scammer manipulating the images taken, to make them seem worse.

The scammers may threaten to send compromising pictures or video footage of you to your friends, colleagues or family, or post it to your networks such as Skype contacts or Facebook friends.

If the interaction is consensual, welcome and reciprocated it is not sexual harassment.

For students, if sexual harassment has occurred within the university community, you can report a concern or incident.

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This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

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They steadily increase pressure on you to participate, which they record and later threaten to distribute online.Sexual harassment can be obvious or indirect, physical or verbal, repeated or one-off, and perpetrated by males and females against people of the same or opposite sex.Sexual harassment may occur: Sexual harassment is not behaviour which is based on mutual attraction, friendship and respect.Further support resources are available for you or someone you know who has experienced sexual harassment.For staff, information on how to make a complaint, where to get help, and further resources are available on what you can do.