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The majority of what you will find is people alone with an explicit sexual fantasy in mind or made obvious.

Launched in 2009, webcam site Chatroulette takes a unique approach to socialization by randomly pairing users to chat with each other.

Khloe quickly revealed that while she has it all on DVD, she hasn't seen it yet."I understand why it came back," she admitted.

thinking the Heisman trophy was at my dad's or certain things," she recalled. "We weren't allowed there all the time because our phones were tapped, and bombs would be sent to the house," she explained.

The cultural elements that form the underpinnings of this behavior are not new.

The new part of the system plays on the fact that for most of us our image today is essentially worth nothing and risk of physical repercussion is seemingly zero with this anonymity.

Moore, the CEO and co-founder of RJMetrics, an on-demand database analytics and business intelligence startup.

After a few rounds, we are safe in reality and free digitally.

I believe we are getting to witness a fine distillation of human exhibitionism and voyeurism functioning at the scale of the masses.

Chatroulette (AKA: "Troll's Delight" or "Troll's Training Wheels") is like Omegle, except Chatroulette had webcams first.

You are put into a conversation with a random Chatroulette user and are free to allow (or force) them to both see and hear whatever you want them to.