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Due to the generation’s size and wide variety of interests, baby boomers’ desires to offset the aging process has created opportunities for lenders, investors, entrepreneurs and others in a wide variety of industries, from online dating to motorcycle manufacturing.

Back in the dating game According to US Census data, 31.3% of adults aged 50 to 64 are widowed, divorced or never married, making active baby boomers a prime market for the (IBISWorld report 81299a).

Many Americans have been delaying their retirement, and this trend is expected to prevail in the next two decades.

With many baby boomers striving for the fountain of youth, this active generation will demand a specific type of retirement, different from that of older generations.

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He has been recognized by as the #1 most influential Facebook user worldwide.

Emily is the author of the wildly popular along with Scot. The Mc Kays are avid adventure travelers, having visited well over 100 countries together and crossed off hundreds of “bucket list” items.

They also actively worldschool their two youngest children, John and Sarah.

In fact, baby boomers comprise one of the fastest-growing demographics in the .1-billion dollar industry.

Additionally, with a growing number of baby boomers surfing the net, inspiring the nickname “silver surfers,” online dating has become more accepted among this age group.