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You might as well line up my sons and ask me who I love the most.

Folks often ask me, which of my books do I like the best.

Novellas may not be entered in the Debut Novel category. There is no limit to the number of eligible titles an author may enter in each category. If less than seven (7) entries are received for any one category, it shall be closed and the authors’ alternate choice category will be used.

Jim Daly is an author and broadcaster, president of Focus on the Family and host of the Daily Broadcast, heard by more than 6.3 million listeners a week and honored as 2012 Program of the Year by the National Religious Broadcasters.

Books not meeting the above-defined requirements will be disqualified and the entry fee forfeited. The entering author shall submit five (5) print copies of each title entered in the contest.

His apology may be dated internally from the statement in chapter 6 that "Christ was born one hundred and fifty years ago under Cyrenius." Since Quirinius entered office in the year 6 C. according to Josephus, the apology may be dated to the year 156 CE.

His three works are known as the First Apology, the Second Apology, and the Dialogue with Trypho.

• editor names (up to 2) • publishing house name and contact phone number or check QIP box • 5 physical copies of the book(s) being entered.

For example, My Story from This Great Novella Collection. All authors will need the following in order to complete the online entry form: • high resolution photo of book cover – must be no less than 300 dpi and at least 4” x 6” in size.