Christian dating in philadelphia pa

Following our Bible study, we meet in the front foyer to enjoy refreshments and a time of social interaction.

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As I began to meditate and muse, I started to think about why this was happening.I have been married once over 20 years ago to a man, but obviously it didn't work out. Enjoy watching netflix and going outdoors to fun places. I am easy-going and enjoy history, music, science, relaxing at home (I don't get out much), shopping, dining out, people watching, sightseeing, and just trying to enjoy life. It led me to do some research [and] some local study, and seeing some of the social dynamics, as well as the spiritual dynamics, as to why this is happening.I know that African-American women make up such a large number of the African-American church, and they're not finding how to hold relationships, how to hold husbands.