Christian dating someone different religion

To answer your question, I need you to think about why you are dating.If you are dating for entertainment -- that is, to have someone to go places and do things with -- then it won't matter what religion a person happens to be.There are good and kind people in all religions, so that is not the concern. If you do marry and he remains a Seventh-Day Adventist and you remain a New Testament following Christian, what will life be like?A part of marriage is two people becoming one (Genesis ).We would “reverse roles” in another conversation all for the sake of understanding one another more.When we reached a standoff in understanding, we shared articles written by other people from our viewpoints.That will be difficult if you are attending your worship services and he his own.

My boyfriend and I have moments like these daily, when discussing death, or politics, or dog breeds.For example, I would send my partner a magazine article from One night, I fiercely tried to convince my partner that he had spiritual needs even if he wasn’t identifying them as such. “It’s the feeling you get when you’re standing in the ocean at sunset, staring at the horizon, and feel both small and big at the same time.” “I get that feeling,” he said.“I feel in awe of the world that we live in.” “When I feel that, I feel God,” I said.I’m willing to go to church but he needs to be understanding that I may not have the same outlook on it.I come from a Muslim background but wasn’t raised so.