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Their solution lay in making it a niche site and marketing it to black millennials, who were unsatisfied with more general dating apps that weren’t meeting their expectations (Tinder, Match).“Niche dating apps can be more successful than regular mainstream apps because you have the ability to attract people with similar interests and possibility with the same cultural foundations,” says Neeta Bhushan, a dating expert and author of .“When narrowing the dating pool, it may help people find long-term success and create deeper connections.”Bae (named not just for the term of endearment but also for Before Anyone Else) received 17,000 downloads in its first month and grew from there.

When the topic turned to online dating, the three began to discuss the difficulties that their peers were facing when trying to meet people on Tinder and other apps.“For many of our friends of color, particularly black men and women, the experience on mass-marketing dating apps like Tinder and Match was unfulfilling, and at times degrading,” says Justin Gerrard.

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