Dating a blind person

Your answer might help someone treat someone else better by making them more informed.

Through knowing Max and Kerry, I’ve learned that sighted people take A LOT for granted. In fact, they inspired me so much that I wrote a poem about this experience. ) Feel free to get inspired yourself by reading My Blind Friends Taught Me To See.

They can feel smooth skin, and will notice someone’s shape when they touch them.

I answered a question on Quora about this- How do blind people perceive physical attractiveness.

It reminds me of the quote from Tommy Edison (the Blind Film Critic – check him out! He said that one of the perks of being blind is that every woman he’s ever been with has been a 10! Check out his many funny You Tube videos if you ever need a laugh.

Just because a blind person can’t see someone doesn’t mean they don’t know what the person is like physically.