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The previous owner stored it in a drawer for 25-30 years. This is the version David Gilmour used with Pink Floyd from early 71 through to 76, including recording Dark Side Of The Moon. Obviously from time to time with vintage items there are times when gear arrives in need of some adjustment or calibration, and some times a piece of gear that was working 100% just chooses the day after arriving for a new fault to develop - however, we are also very experienced at dealing with these occurences and will always work with you to solve the problem The shipping prices for our gear vary considerably depending on the type of gear, value and destination.

In full working order - great-sounding example in what looks to be original untouched condition. Currently the only way for you to see shipping is to put the item you are interested in the cart and then either use the shipping estimator or go into the check out process.

Through this design's past you'll find all kinds of different variations in the basic original circuit, from PNP Germanium to NPN Silicon, and a countless number of fuzz pedals that are based on it.I think that this pedal's longevity is due in part to its very simple design.There are four resistors, three capacitors, two potentiometers, and two transistors...that's it.The Fuzz Face featured a “smiley” face round configuration of its two controls (volume and fuzz) and footswitch, housed in a red housing.The Fuzz Face was used by many, including Eric Clapton, but was made famous by Jimi Hendrix.