Dating a girl who likes to travel

Travelers, in general, have to be independent and rely on themselves.Girls who travel aren’t going to be clingy or high maintenance.Girls who travel are likely to decide to do something at the last minute.And, if we’re being honest, that makes whatever you’re doing twice as fun!He matter-of-factly responded, "You want to escape!

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The quick wit, impulsive nature, and ever-evolving idea of what these women’s lives should look like, make them some of the most complex creatures to carbs are a girl’s best friend. Skip out on the overpriced bouquet of flowers and take her to a hidden garden instead. That will mean so much more to her than the decaying daffodils she would’ve snapped a pic of for Instagram before forgetting about moments later. The idea of "settling down" is She knows she can't live out of a suitcase forever.I saw glossy photos of chubby babies, wedding photos, and lovers embracing each other with giant love-struck grins.I looked back at my desk and there were no photos of people, but rather places; postcards from far-off lands I dreamed of going.Traveling is one of the most rewarding and exciting things you can possibly do, so it makes sense that dating people who make travel a priority is definitely a good idea.A girl who travels is someone you want in your life, and if you need more convincing, read these 10 reasons to date a girl who travels.