Dating a paralyzed person

It almost felt like all the feelings I have towards her went away instantly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her in the whole wide world and it feels like some sort of defense mechanism.

It should be said that I haven’t had great luck with past relationships. It sounds like you already figured out half of your problem…

People new to the wheelchair scene feel inadequate and don’t want to ask others for help.

If love is in the air, it doesn’t matter if one or both members of the couple spend much of their time in a wheelchair.

Even though wheelchairs are common enough, people often stare at those who must use them and often feel that they have a lesser intellect when compared to able-bodied individuals.

Here are 5 tips for you to think about before going out on your date. Wheelchair users do it better in bedroom now too with products like the Intimate Rider.

Whenever we see a wheelchair user and their partner, we may wonder how these wheelchair users have sex.