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When everyone had written Damon off as a bad guy who couldn't be redeemed, Elena, who was unafraid of him and willing to call him on his crap, saw something in him that hinted he wasn't entirely evil.And so there marked the start of a tentative friendship.Prepare Elena for dating vampire Damon playing Dating a Vampire: Damon facial beauty game!Make her look fancy and elegant from head to toe starting with hair styling, make up and outfit.Besides, co-creator Julie Plec wouldn't torture longtime viewers that way."Julie's way too nice of a person," Wesley added.O ator principal do seriado The Vampire Diaries está para se encontrar com a sua amada em instantes, mas antes ela precisa se arrumar, fazendo uma transformação total que vai desde limpeza de pele até maquiagem e roupa.

He was the narcissistic evil vampire, who came to town to seek revenge on his younger brother, who Elena happened to develop an interest in.There are lots of movies and TV series with handsome vampires like Edward from the Twilight movies or Damon from The Vampire Diaries TV series.In The Vampire Diaries, Damon is the bad vampire and his brother, Stefan, is the good going to be epic — so epic, in fact, that it's part of the title: "I Was Feeling Epic." Friday's penultimate episode of The CW series featured a long-awaited wedding between vampires Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) — an event that, while hastily thrown together in an attempt to trap evil doppelganger (and current ruler of hell) Katherine (Nina Dobrev), was the real deal between the characters and was even mentioned in the show's pilot."We're planning a June wedding," Caroline joked when discussing the new kid at Mystic Falls High School.